027 – Melissa Ponzio (Karen) Interview

In this podcast, we interview Melissa Ponzio who plays ‘Karen’ on The Walking Dead TV show.  Melissa was recently named a recurring guest for Season 4 so we will be seeing more of Karen next season.  The character ‘Karen’ is somewhat of a mystery, so James and Eric speculate together with Melissa what Karen’s role might be in the new season.  Hear what Norman Reedus said to Melissa the first time he met her.  Melissa shares some behind-the-scenes stories and scenes that were shot you may not have heard about yet.  Which singer does she think would make the best zombie?  We get to know Melissa Ponzio much better in this interview and we learn a more about ‘Karen’ too.

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Questions Melissa Ponzio answers from James and Eric on the show:
– How did it feel when you found our you would be brought back as a series regular on The Walking Dead?
– What did Melissa learn from Laurie Holden and what did ‘Karen’ learn from ‘Andrea?
– What can you tell us about ‘Karen’?  Who is she?
– Was ‘Asthma Boy’ Karen’s son?  And was the boy that fell on her at the end of Season 3 her son?
– What happened to ‘Asthma Boy’?
– Tell us more about why you wanted to be an alien after watching Sigourney Weaver in the movie, Alien.
– Speaking of aliens, did you see and like ‘Prometheus’?
– Tell us about being a spokesperson for S&K Menswear.  (she shares a funny story about that)
– How did you first audition for The Walking Dead and how did you eventually get on the show?
– Is the other show you are a regular for, Teen Wolf, still taping or is it finished for the season?

Fan Questions:
– How does Melissa feel to be the only survivor to make it back to the prison from the group going to fight the prison gang from Woodbury on the show?
– Did Karen’s son make it out of Woodbury?
– What does your character, Karen, think of the Governor now that she’s seen the real evil that he really was?  And what were her thoughts towards Martinez?
– With Andrea’s character gone, is your character going to fill that void a bit more?
– Sometimes the show will bring on a character just so they can be killed off, and I hope that doesn’t happen with your character.

More Questions from James and Eric:
– What can you tell us about Scott Gimple, the new showrunner, and how would you compare working to him to working with Glen Mazzara?
– Melissa McBride told us she likes to read and listen to the feedback online, do you?
– How in the world did ‘Karen’ get away from the Governor in that last episode of Season 3?
– Were you angry when some of the scenes you shot for hours and days didn’t make it into the show?

Final 3 Questions from James and Eric:
– Who is your favorite Artist, Musician or Band?
– What is your favorite musical concert you’ve ever been to?
– Which musician or singer would make the best Zombie?

– Diane Ponzio music website (Melissa’s Aunt) – DianePonzio.com
– Follow Melissa Ponzio on Twitter: @MelissaPonzio1


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