008 – An Interview With Michael Rooker aka ‘Merle Dixon’

Michael Rooker Merle on Walker Stalkers PodcastIn our eighth podcast of The Walker Stalkers with James and Eric, we interview The Walking Dead Actor, Michael Rooker, who plays ‘Merle Dixon’ – the one handed bandit!

1. Opening Chit Chat – In honor of Merle, James and Eric go uncensored (censored version).
2. Special Guest – An Interview with Michael Rooker of The Walking Dead (Oh, and a Kings of Leon tribute song to Michael!)
3. The Episode Recap (Season 3 Episode 7: When The Dead Come Knocking)
4. Walking Dead Locations – new insights into the location of S3 E7.
5. Obituaries – we mourn the death of poor Mr. Coleman and the zombie killed by Glenn and the chair.
6. End – Wrap up with special announcements and contest reminder!

Links mentioned in this show:
1. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Game with Merle and Daryl.
2. The Walker Stalkers Podcast on iTunes
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