006 – The Walker Stalkers – Listener Feedback & Recap of ‘Say The Word’ Season 3 Episode 5 of The Walking Dead

In our sixth podcast of The Walker Stalkers with James and Eric, we return from an essential oils party with our wives and we are very chilled out at the start:

1. Opening Chit Chat – Walking Dead News and Commentary with James and Eric.

2.  The Episode Recap (Season 3 Episode 5: Say The Word)

3. Walking Dead Locations – new insights into the locations of S3 E5 ‘Say The Word’.

4. Listener Feedback – We take 4 phone calls and read your Facebook and Twitter comments.

5. Obituaries – A review of who we lost on the show this week.

6. End – We break some big news about our Senoia, GA Season Finale Show Watch Meetup later this spring!

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LINKS Mentioned on the show:


Senoia Coffee & Cafe (our meetup location)

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