005 – The Walker Stalkers – Recap “The Killer Within” and the Religion of The Walking Dead

In our fifth podcast of The Walker Stalkers with James and Eric, you’ll find some familiar segments and some new songs:

1. Opening Chit Chat – Walking Dead News and Commentary with James and Eric.
2. Special Guest – Father Danny Bryant to discuss the religion of The Walking Dead
3. The Episode Recap (Season 3 Episode 4: The Killer Within)
4. Obituaries – we mourn the death of some of our favorite characters and celebrate the death of some more walkers.
5. Walking Dead Locations – new insights into the location of S3 E4 (Woodbury and The Prison).
6. Listener Feedback – We read your Facebook and Twitter comments.  Plus we take another call from “Annoying Comic Book Guy, Chris”.
7. End – We tease our next special guest and discuss our meet-up plan for 2013!

Links mentioned in this show:
Danny mentions this Walking Dead parody video in our interview with him.

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