004 – The Walker Stalkers – Season 3 Episode 3 Recap and Walking Dead New Years Resolutions

In our fourth podcast of The Walker Stalkers with James and Eric, you’ll find some familiar segments and some new songs:

  1. Opening Chit Chat – Walking Dead News and Commentary with James and Eric. We also announce our new January Giveaway Contest!
  2. The Episode Recap (Season 3 Episode 3: Walk With Me)
  3. Listener Feedback – Walking Dead Characters New Years Resolutions and Other Questions From Walker Stalkers Facebook.
  4. Walking Dead Locations – discuss the location of S3 E3 (Woodbury).
  5. Obituaries – we mourn the death of some of our favorite characters and celebrate the death of some more walkers.
  6. End – We tease our meet-up plan for 2013 and more!

Links mentioned in this show:

The free Walking Dead video game for iPad
The free Walking Dead video game for iPhone

The game that James was talking about on the Price is Right

The Walking Dead Podcast on iTunes
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