011 – Interviews with Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Scott Wilson (Hershel)

play audio 011   Interviews with Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Scott Wilson (Hershel)

In this, our 11th episode of The Walker Stalkers Podcast with James and Eric, we have a double feature.  We talk with the beautiful and talented Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead TV Show.  And, then we talk with venerable actor Scott Wilson who plays Maggie’s father, Hershel Greene on the show.  Both share some new insights of what its like behind the scenes on The Walking Dead.  We hope you enjoy these interviews as much as we did.


1. WalkingDeadLocations.com

TO LISTEN to Maggie & Hershel, aka Lauren Cohan & Scott Wilson, CLICK THE PLAYER BELOW

After you’ve listened to Lauren & Scott, be sure to check out this week’s Podcast with Tyreese aka Chad L. Coleman

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