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Scott Wilson on Thursday’s Podcast

Photo Credit:  AMC/Gene Page Scott Wilson on Thursday’s Walker Stalker Podcast Join us this Thursday on The Walker Stalkers Podcast with James and Eric and speak with Scott Wilson aka Hershel Green from AMC’s...

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Episode 5, Internment

    Episode 5, Internment By : Shannon Toohey @shannontoo     Hello there. So if you are reading this, and happened to listen to James and Eric’s Instant Reaction podcast, and noticed that...

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051 – Internment Instant Reaction

On this podcast episode, James and Eric talk with listeners about their instant reactions to Season 4, Episode 5 “Internment”. Connect on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes Walker...

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Walker Stalker Con 2013, Cut!

  Edition .2! Walker Stalker Con 2013, Cut! By : Shannon Toohey @shannontoo It was for a moment, the center of the world. For a Walking Dead fan-that is. And it will be again,...