Kurt Sutter Can’t Shut Up & Rips Walking Dead, Kirkman & AMC In New YouTube Video

Kurt Sutter Can’t Shut Up & Rips Walking Dead, Kirkman & AMC In New YouTube Video

Kurt Sutter, the creator of Sons of Anarchy, on January 2nd via his YouTube account, slammed  AMC and The Walking Dead. However, this time he singled out Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead, which was a direct response to Kirkman’s tweet that Sutter was “ranting about things he knows nothing about.”

Watch the video, but be warned it’s filled with expletives.

In the YouTube video, Sutter states, “The process of showrunning and vision is not something everyone can do,” he explains. “You have to have somebody who understands the process of making a television show week after week.”

“Robert is an amazing visual artist and a graphic artist, [but] he knows very little about TV,” claims Sutter. “And the reins keep going back to him in this process, and he doesn’t know how to run a show.”

Sutter claims that showrunning is “a specific skill that comes innately; it’s part of the talent, it’s part of the creative process.”

Sutter suggests that AMC’s “fear-based” decision-making results in “death to the creative process.”

Sutter then goes on to discuss the future of the The Walking Dead, “The show has tremendous following; has legs. They’re going to plug somebody else, some pour soul, in there.  My sense is they won’t even hire a showrunner.  They’ll throw a s**tload of executives at it and a poor sap on the writing staff.  And that poor sap will ultimately be just expediting the notes and the vision of non-creative people, or at least non-creative TV people.”

“That’ll work for a minute,” Sutter continued. “In Season 4, when this will all happen, the numbers will be big, and people will show up. Will it continue to do well? No. My sense is that without somebody like a Glen Mazzara running that show, eventually it will lose focus and the narratives will run out of steam, and it won’t be able to build off of itself, and it will suffer.”

“I have tremendous amount of respect for Gale Anne Hurd. She’s very writer friendly, very supportive of artists. My sense is that she’s caught between a rock and a hard place. And she’s trying to continue to put out the best show she can under those circumstances.”

Sutter believes, “I think people will keep shooting themselves in the foot out of fear and out of ignorance.”

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